Linear position, rotary (angular) position, and tilt sensors by Everight Position, Positek, Netzer, Gill, Zettlex, and Posital
Positek: for high-performance industrial applications
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  Linear Position Sensors

P101 - Sensor Operating in Adverse Conditions for Paper Machine

P103 - New Sensor Makes Life Simpler for Bakery Machinery Makers - and Users

P106 - Sensor Operating In Forestry Logging Machine

P113 - General Application

Rotary Position Sensors

P500 - Sensors for Conditioning Monitoring High Voltage Switching
         - British Sensors Feedback Position of Water Jets for USA Support Vessel
         - Positek Rotary Sensor at Heart of Unique Valve Positioning System

P501 - General Application

P502 - Sensor Operating in Crosrol Textile Carding Machine

P503 - General Application


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