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7014 Blackwater Level Sensor

The Blackwater Liquid Level Sensor has been designed for all applications where consistently reliable and maintenance-free measurement of Black and Grey water is needed. The sensor probe does not have any holes that could block and has a non-stick coating that prevents the build-up of substance accumulation that can lead to false measurements.

Capacitive technology provides continuous measurement with no moving parts. Tank profiling software offers compensation for irregular tank shapes and multiple output options, including NMEA2000, provides compatibility for the widest range of applications.

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  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Suitable for Blackwater, Greywater, Salt and Fresh Water
  • Non-stick Coating
  • No Moving Components
  • Compensates for Irregular Tanks
  • Continuous Measurement
  • No Holes to Block
Voltage Output 0.25 - 4.75 DC
Resistive Output 10-180Ω or 240-33Ω selectable through user software
Current Output 4 - 20mA
NMEA2000 Output 0 - 100%
Supply Current <20mA
Resolution 12 bit (4096 points over mearurement range)
Output Update Rate 0.4Hz (NMEA 2000), 100Hz (Resistive), 10Hz (0-10v & 4-20mA)
Probe Length: 50mm to 2000mm
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C to EN60945
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Blackwater Level Sensor


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