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Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor – advanced non-contact sensors for harsh environments

Gill angle sensors are ideal for monitoring angular position in applications where high dither life is essential. All Gill angle sensors use inductive technology to sense the position of a metallic object which is mounted to the application. There is no contact between the angle sensor and the moving part, which gives infinite dither life.

Please select an Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor
25mm Blade Sensor
0-90º Angle Sensor
Angle Sensor
60mm Blade Sensor
0-90º Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor
Dual Cavity Sensor
0-90º Angle Sensor

Angle Sensor
360º Blade Rotary Sensor
0-360º Angle Sensor

Gill Angle Sensor – perfect for harsh applications.

Gill angle sensors are fully sealed with no internal moving parts, ideal for applications subject to extreme environments where grime, moisture and vibration are factors.

All Gill angle sensor products have the following features:
- 0-45º Angle Measurement
- Non-contact induction technology
- No moving sensor parts
- Infinite sensor dither life
- High accuracy angular measurement
- Submersible – suitable for harsh environments

All Gill angle sensors can be configured for the exact measurement range required, giving the angle sensor the highest possible accuracy over the measurement range. All angle sensor products are available ex-stock in low quantities for immediate delivery. Please use the contact form on each product page to request specific quantity pricing and availability.

Specialist Custom Angle Sensor

If our standard angle sensors are not suitable for your application but the technology looks suitable we can develop a custom packaged solution which perfectly suits your application. The research and development part of our business, Gill technology, have vast experience designing, manufacturing and supplying custom position sensors for OEM applications. Please visit the electronic design consultancy website to find out more about custom angle sensor ability.




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