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Liquid Level Sensor | Rxl

The Rxl liquid level sensor features a heavy-duty SAE 5-bolt flange mount, with extra mechanical strengthening features to support longer sensor lengths.

The Rxl sensor is available from 80mm to 1500mm long and is constructed from aluminium. The sensor features fully-integrated electronics, providing a configurable 0-5V analogue output over the calibrated sensing range.

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  • Heavy Duty SAE 5-bolt flange mount
  • Available from 80mm to 1500mm long
  • Built to your length requirement (no mechanical adjustment required)
  • Aluminium construction(stainless steel also available)
  • Suitable for use with fuels, oils and bio-fuels
  • 0-5V analogue output
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature
  • Factory Calibrated
Supply Voltage +6VDC to +24VDC
Supply Current <10mA @12V
Serial Interface RS232 (+5V)
Resolution 10 bit
Sample Rate 10Hz, 40Hz & 80Hz
Analogue Output
Voltage Output Range 0.25V - 4.75V over sensing range
Range Accuracy ±1% of medium depth @20°C
Wire 0.5m Flying Lead unless specified
Wiring Gauge Typically 26 AWG (options up to 20 AWG if requested)
Cable Material Wiring sleeved with either Fluorocarbon or Raychem DR25, or customised to customer specifications.
Probe Length 80 - 1500mm (customer to specify)
Mounting SAE 5-Bolt Pattern
Weight From only 200g (dependant on length)
Protection Class IP67
Operating Temperature -40°C to +125°C
EMC Immunity Level SAE J1113/2 1996
Construction Aluminium
Finish Anodised to DEF STAN 025
Compatible Liquids
Fuel Gasoline, Unleaded, LRP, Jet Fuel, Avgas
Oil Engine oils, transmission oils, steering & hydraulic fluids, Diesel, Heavy Oil
Bio-Fuel Ethanol E100, E85, E50, E10 Methanol
Other Please consult Gill for other liquid compatibilities
Part Numbers
Rxl Liquid Level Sensor, Aluminium Construction, 80-1500mm Long
Fuel Level Sensor 1612-00-021
Oil Level Sensor 1612-00-022
Bio-Fuel Level Sensor 1612-00-023
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Rxl Liquid Level Sensor


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