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Liquid Level Display | S1

The S1 liquid level display has been designed to allow a linear display of the liquid volume within both regularly and irregularly shaped tanks, as displaying the physical level of liquid within an irregularly shaped tank using traditional methods will not provide a reading that is representative of the true tank volume remaining.

For irregularly-shaped tanks, each sensor is programmed with Gill's 'Tank Profiler' software, which allows the user to program the sensor's output to the display according to incremental known volume fills in the tank. With the display mapped to the tank shape, the true volume usage shown across the 29 LEDs and numerical display will be a true reading of volume remaining.

The S1 features light-sensitive auto-dimming and a configurable visual low level alarm. The display is compact and lightweight, allowing for simple installation on instrument panels or dashboards.

The S1 display was formerly available anodised in different colors to indicate the type of liquid. Now, all of the different types are anodised black and can be etched with an icon indicating their liquid type.

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  • Anodised aluminium bezel with etched icon
  • Liquid volume displayed on 29-LEDs plus numerical display
  • Fully configurable via free 'Tank Profiler' software
  • Allows linear display of liquid volume in irregular tank shapes
  • "Slimline" design for simple installation
  • Compatible with all analogue voltage Gill Liquid Level Sensors
Supply Voltage No 12VDC +/- 2.8V
Supply Current <140mA @12V
Serial Interface RS232 (+5V)
Resolution Configurable 0V - 5V
Analogue Input
Voltage Input Range Configurable 0V - 5V
Integral Connector Microfit III

115mm x 50mm x 14mm

(W x H x D)

Mounting Two M4 threaded holes on a 106mm center
Protection Class IP65
Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Vibration 15g RMS (24 - 2000Hz) & SAE J1455 design guidlines used
EMC SAE J1113/2 1996 design guidelines used
Finish Anodised to DEF STAN 025
Part Number
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