Non-Contact Inductive Position Sensors
Linear position, rotary (angular) position, and tilt sensors by Everight Position, Positek, Netzer, Gill, Zettlex, and Posital

Distributed in the USA by Everight Position


Netzer DF Series Ring Encoders Offer:

  • SSI or BiSS-C Interfaces
  • Simple 2-plate Mechanics
  • 30mm or 110mm Bore
  • No Bearing Contact
  • 18 bit Resolution
  • DS_Ring_Encoders Netzer DS Series Ring Encoders Offer:

  • SSI, BiSS-C, or SIN/COS Interfaces
  • Self-contained Hollow Floating Shaft
  • 6mm to 90mm Bore Options
  • No Bearing Contact
  • Up to 19 bit Resolution
  • DL_Shafted_Encoders Netzer DL Series Shaft Encoders Offer:

  • SSI, BiSS-C, or SIN/COS Interfaces
  • High tolerance to temperature, shock, and moisture
  • Compact Metal Housing with IP65
  • 17 bit Resolution
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