Non-Contact Inductive Position Sensors
Linear position, rotary (angular) position, and tilt sensors by Everight Position, Positek, Netzer, Gill, Zettlex, and Posital

Distributed in the USA by Everight Position

Netzer Precision: Rotary Encoders

Encoder Software

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Electric Encoder™, Absolute position sensor, provide exceptionally accurate, high resolution, absolute position with miniature to wide diameter hollow shaft. The patented, state of art technology provides a mix of performance features unmatched by any competing technology.

Electric Encoder Explorer – setup and calibration SW tool, supports mounting, offset calibration and signals level analysis.

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II. Encoder Software

The Electric Encoder ™ ,angular position sensors

Accuracy, Resolution and Repeatability


Electric Encoder Explorer SW Tool

RS-422 / USB converter ,MS WIN (64/32)

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