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Magnetocode Contactless Multi-turn Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors
Posital Magnetocode Rotary Position Sensors provide absolute positional data for single- and multi-turn measurement applications. Their small size (36.5 mm diameter) allows them to be used in applications with very limited installation space. Magnetocode sensors are available with unique Analog outputs (user sets span endpoints), SSI or CANopen interfaces and a variety of shaft, flange, and connector options. (More Info) (Magnetocode Technology)
  • 36.5 mm Diameter
  • 12 Bit Resolution per Revolution
  • 14 Bit Revolutions
  • SSI or CANopen Interfaces
  • -30 to +85 °C
  • IP 54 - IP 69K
Optocode Contactless Multi-turn Optical Rotary Position Sensors
Posital Optocode Rotary Position Sensors provide absolute positional data for single- and multi-turn measurement applications. All models are available in hollow or solid shaft versions and are IP 65 protected to withstand harsh industrial environments. Explosion-proof models are also available. Optocode sensors are available with parallel, serial, or a wide variety of standardized field bus interfaces. (More info) (Optocode Technology)
  • 16 Bit Resolution per Revolution
  • 14 Bit Revolutions
  • SSI, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, & Ethernet Interfaces
  • -40 to +85 °C
  • IP 65 Enclosure & IP 66 Flange
  • Explosion-Proof Models
  • UL Certified
Magnetocode & Optocode Cable-pull Linear Position Sensors
Posital offers a full line of high-resolution Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors based on both the Magnetocode and Optocode technologies. Magnetocode Cable-Pull Linear Position Sensors provide measuring lengths up to 2.4 m with 0.03 mm resolution, while Optocode models have measuring lengths up to 10 m. (More Info)
  • Measuring Lengths to 10 meters
  • High Resolution
  • Full Range of Magnetocode & Optocode Interfaces
  • Operating Temp to +80°C
  • IP 54 - IP 65
  • Wire Acceleration to 5 g
Angusens & Accellens High Resolution Inclinometers
Posital High Resolution Inclinometers are suitable for a wide range of applications that require simultaneous multi-axis measurement of a surface's deviation from a horizontal and vertical reference. The Angusens series is based on fluid-cell technology and provides 0.001° resolution over ranges up to ±30°. The MEMS technology-based Accelens series of capacitive inclinometers feature measuring ranges up to ±80° with 0.03° resolution and are extremely shock-resistant (up to 20000 g). (More info)
  • Fluid-Cell or Shock-Resistant MEMS Technologies
  • High Resolution Multi-Axis Measurements
  • ±5°, ±15°, ±30° & ±80° Measuring Ranges
  • CANopen & Analog Interfaces
  • Special Packaging for DeviceNet & Profibus Interfaces
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