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CS Series Non-Contact Switch

CS Series

Rod-Type Switching Sensor without Mechanical Contact

CS series is a switching sensor adopting magneto-inductive principle without mechanical contact. Combined with CSC controller, forward/backward limit points are output; furthermore the both points can be individually adjusted by trimmer integrated in the controller. As a sensor rod is completely sealed, the sensor can be installed inside hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. Integrated coils inside sensor rod detect locations of movable magnet utilizing a change of inductance according to magneto-inductive principle. Since CS series has no mechanical contact as seen in coventional lead switches and also has no mechanical wear-out, a long life and reliability can be expected. Moreover the remote adjustment for detecting points is possible because switching points can be changed by trimmer in the controller.


Effective Stroke 15-1000mm*
Adjustable Range of Output ±6mm(forward) / ±10mm(backward)
Sensor ±5μm/°C
Controller ±20μm/°C
Open Collector (standard) 30V 0.1A
Relay Output (optional) Rated Load AC250V 2A / DC30V 2A 1a contact
Carrier Frequency 10kHz
Power Supply DC24V 0.1A
Maximum Pressure 35MPa (sensor rod)
Operating Temperature −40-100°C(sensor) / 0-60°C(controller)
Vibration 6G (40Hz 2mmp-p)
Shock 100G (2msec)
Protection IP67 (10kPa, 30min) (sensor)
Cable 1m standard (Max 10m)

*Arbitrary effective length between 15 and 1000mm is possible. As to an effective length shorter than 15mm and other length than 30mm(backward)/40m(forward), consult factory.
*CS series can be also used as a liquid level detecting switch...consult factory.

Model No.


CS Sensor

CSM Magnet

CSC Controller

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