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Digital Bargraph Meter

The DP-101-D is a 4-20mA input, bargraph meter with 4 digit LED display. Input signal may be displayed as current or scaled to read in other units (inch, %, etc). Four realy outputs can be independently set by the user. The DP-50-D and DP-101-D can be used with the analogue output probes (GYSE, GYcAT, GYLT) or analogue controller for applications such as liquid level monitoring and control.


Display Tricolor, 101 segment bargraph (graduated in 0-100%)
4 digit, 7 segment 8mm high, red LEDs
Display range:-1999-9999
Accuracy:±(0.05% of reading + 2 counts)
Decimal point:User selectable
Scaling The 101 segment bargraph and digital display can be independently scaled (%, inch, etc.) by the user.
Input 4-20mA
Power Supply +24(18-36)VCD 4.2W
Alarm Output (Replay Output) 4 points
5 Amp form A x 2 (No.1 and No.3)
10 Amp form C x 2(No.2 and No.4)
Conversions per sec :10
Time deleys programmable (No.1 and N0.2)
A/D Converter 14bit
Operating Temperature 0°C-+60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C-+70°C
Humidity 20-95%RH (Non-condensing)
Case Dimensions 3/32DIN (36W x 144H x 151D)
Weight 0.4kg approx.

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