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GKS Controller with Display

Digital Controller with LED Display

The GKS-01 is a digital controller with 6 digit LED display, which can be directly connected to GY probes (GYcRS, GYMR5, GYFRS, GYKM-RS). The GKS-01 series are available with serial output (standard) or parallel output (optional). The magnet or float position may be displayed in 0.1mm unit or scaled to read in other units (%, inch, etc.). Alarm point outputs (open collector), up to 10 points, are also available. .


Display 6 digit, 7 segment 15mm high, red LEDs
display range:999999-99999
(decimal point selectable)
Scaling %、inch、etc. (User programmable)
Applicable Probes GYcRS, GYMR5, GYFRS, GYKM-RS [Note]
Power Supply +12V - +24VDC ±10% 4W max.
Preset Point 1
Serial Output RS232C or RS485 (Standard)
Parallel Output BCD/Binary/Gray (User selectable) (Option)
Sampling Frequency 30-100Hz (depending on point output condition)
Alarm Point Output Open colletor 30V 20mA max., 10 points
Operating Temperature 0°C-+45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C-+70°C
Humidity 20-90%RH (Non-condensing)
Weight GKS-01-SN・・・330 grams approx.
GKS-01-SP・・・380 grams approx.

Model No.

SN:Serial output only (Standard)
SP:with Parallel output (Option)
mating connector supplied

GYcRS, GYMR5, GYFRS, GYKM-RS probes are designed to be used with the GKS-01.





Case Material:ABS (Glassfiber reinforced)

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