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GYCL-201 Controller

CC-Link Certified Controller

GYCL-201 controller combined with the GYcRP probe is a digital signal conditioner. This controller has ASIC special for CC-Link and is used as a remote device station of the CC-Link system. The positional data of high accuracy can be transmitted at high speed by a simple program. The setting is possible according to the sensor, and it has the upper/lower detecting function. .


Resolution 1mm, 0.1mm, 0.05mm
Effective stroke Max.3000mm
Frequency Response Std 1kHz (depending on stroke) sampling
Occupied stations 3
Transmission rate 156k/625k/2.5M/5M/10M
Power Supply 24VDC (18-30VDC)
Consumption 0.2A (24V supply)
Weight 0.6kg
Operating Temperature 0°C-+60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C-+75°C
Vibration 2G
Shock 50G

Model No.

(1):Effective stroke


(3):Measuring method
1M:1 magnet system
2M:2 magnet system
(a distance between two points)

(4):Auxiliary Power Supply



WAGO Co. (Germany) product WAGO750-635 is a module that can be connected with GYcRS, GYMR5, and GYFRS probes and measures the position of the magnet set on the sensor in high accuracy. It is possible to use various bus couplers of WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and develop various fieldbuses such as DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CC-Link, and CANopen. Moreover, the combination of multiple modules with one bus coupler is available or max 4 magnets can be measured on one sonsor probe. Please inquire us for a detailed catalog.

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