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All-In-One Series

GYSE-P Probe

Output : Profibus DP, Measurement range : Max. 7500mm, Resolution : Min. 1 µm

Profibus interface type "GYSE-P" has newly joined the GYSE series. GYSE-P probe outputs the position data of the magnet with Profibus DP (DPV0) of maximum baud rate 12Mbps. Sensor parameters (resolution, direction, etc.) can be changed by the user through profibus. The GSD file can be downloaded from our company WEB site. Moreover, it is possible to measure the position data for Max. 32 pcs of magnets on one probe simultaneously (multi-magnet).


Non-linearity < ±0.02%FS TYP (Min. ±50 µm)
Resolution Min. 1 µm (set with Profibus DP Configurator)
Repeatability < ±0.001%FS (Min. ±3 µm)
Temperature Drift < ±15ppm FS/°C
Output Profibus DPV0
Power Supply +24(±2)VDC 70mA (inrush current 200mA)
Frequency Response Stroke -800mm:2000Hz / -2200mm:1000Hz / -5000mm:500Hz / 5000mm-:250Hz
Admissible Pressure 35MPa (Probe rod)
Operating Temperature -20°C-+75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C-+75°C
Vibration 15G(20-100Hz)
Shock 100G(2msec)
Protection Rod type : IP67 / Profile type : IP65

Model No.

①Effective stroke

N : Rod type, M18xP1.5 (rod Φ10) (Standard)
M14: Rod type, M24xP1.0 (rod Φ13.8) (Stroke : more than 2000mm)
PF : Profile type

*Fixing clamps are supplied for the profile type.
Stroke -599mm : 2 pcs
600 -1000mm : 3 pcs
1001-1500mm : 4 pcs
1501-2000mm : 5 pcs


Probe Rod Type

Profile Type

Magnets for Profile Type

Connecting Wires

・Material : 【Probe Rod Type】Head : Al diecast, Rod : SS304
【Profile Type】Head : Al diecast, Body : Al diecast
・Standard magnet for Probe Rod Type : No.2Y
・For multi magnets option (magnets : Max.32 pcs), please keep the distance between magnets 75mm or more.

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