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IMPAK Series Shock Data Logger


Shock Data Logger

Using acceleration sensor (electrostatic capacitive type), IMPAK-02 observes shocks given during transportation. Setting a threashold for shock value (G) and selecting a recording interval (Seven sampling periods are available, from 1 second to 60 minutes) beforehand, IMPAK-02 observes the given shock continuously and records the maximum shock, which exceeds the threashold with the date and time by a built-in nonvolatile memory. The recorded data for shock is the maximum G value for each axis (X, Y, Z) in the selected recording interval. IMPAK-02 has a rechargeable battery built-in and works for 30 days continuously with full charge. After transportation, connecting to PC through USB cable, the recorded data is listed up and graphed instantly. It is also possible to output to the CSV or Excel file, and to analyze data freely. In case that a large shock, which can damage the machine, is given, you can use alarm output from IMPAK-02 to automatically stop and protect the machine.


Record X/Y/Z axes shock value and generation date
Measurement Range 16G (cross axis sensitivity ±1%)
Threshold Level 0.5G-14.9G (common value of 3 axes)
Alarming Level Up to 14.9G > Threshold (each axis individually)
Axis 3 axes (X, Y, Z)
Data Storage Capacity 1 million data
Recording Interval 1sec / 5sec / 10sec / 1min / 10min / 30min / 1hour
Resolution 0.1G
Accuracy ±0.2G
Sampling Frequency 3200Hz / 1600Hz / 800Hz / 400Hz / 200Hz
Memory Flash memory (1GB)
PC Interface USB
Battery Ni-MH AAA size (2pcs)
Battery Llife 400 times rechargeable
Typical Measurment Life Time (*) 30 days (with full charge)
Operating Temperature -5°C-45°C (no condensation)
Protection Grade IP63 (Cap mount for Standard type)
IP67 (Water proof cap mount for Option type)
Accessory Included software ViewPak-02
USB cable and vinyl connector cap
Weight approximately 420g

Model No.

Optional Accessories
・Waterproof connector cap
・External battery case
・Printer connection cable


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